Saturday, February 2, 2019

Ethics in the Workplace

How important are ethics in a workplace environment?  After all we have goals to attain, deadlines to meet, customers to attend to and of course, ourselves to take care of.

I've been in various positions throughout my adult life on both ends of the business spectrum. I've been in positions of authority and subordination. We've all seen or worked with successful honest honorable folks and we've seen unethical people thrive in business as well.  So, how important are ethics in the workplace?

Unethical behavior falls outside of what is generally considered morally right or proper.  
A CEO, or a Manager who has no tolerance for unethical behavior in the workplace sets the standards for excellence.

In my opinion, leaders should strive to establish an ethical culture within the organization. That type of leadership may very well be emulated by their employees and filter down throughout the organization.

I believe that the health of any organization depends on how important ethical behavior is to the management team. Consequently, how ethical the employees they hire are. A business leader desiring to have a strong ethical workplace should not only weed out unethical employees but include ethical behavior as a prerequisite to hiring new employees. Fair and honest job candidates that are hired over others with questionable ethics can strengthen any organization in any number of ways. They wont mislead nor will they disrespect. They exhibit honesty and respect for the general public, respect for property and respect for peers.

Putting ethics forefront in any organization can and does ultimately provide everyone with a "pathway to professionalism".

To me ethics in the workplace are extremely important. Whether an employer or employee the question you should ask yourself is simple.  Can you tolerate working in an unethical workplace?

George Sinacori

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