Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Welcome to Your Future

Has reality TV become so much a part of our lives that it now affects the way we interpret things that are in fact, reality?

First let me clarify that I'm not a big reality TV junkie and I'm not big on playing video games like Angry Birds or Black Ops or Guitar Hero etc. What strikes me as alarming is the seemingly overwhelming attitude of so many to "fake it 'til we make it" and an apparent level of success that's attained in real life by doing just that.

We ( Americans ) have a 3 ring circus in Washington that is "large and in charge" basically because Americans put them there. They've sold us all on how they could fix things, like the economy, unemployment, war, health care and housing. The circus that performs for us every day is so entertaining that I have trouble deciding which act to watch. Congress, Senate or The White House!

The enormous malfunction of our government is a debacle, I think we all get that. Americans have made some seriously bad choices by buying into the slick "tell 'em what they wanna' hear" philosophies that we've allowed to so negatively affect our lives, our country and our futures. I wont attempt to analyze the characters that play various continuing roles in the daily standoffs. I'm not going to try to convince anyone that there's a simple fix to the mess in Washington that has spread like a contagion into every city and state in the country. I have to say however that I've never seen any reality show challenge that comes close to emulating the contempt and deceit that the current Congress, Senate and Administration in Washington D.C. spew upon each other in the name of the American people.

The year 2011 will certainly be memorable for so many reasons that I'd rather forget.

We have deep seeded problems at the core of our economic collapse that seem to be afterthoughts, if anything of the conflicts within our government. Jobs and housing have been, from the beginning and remain the biggest problems facing any economic recovery this country may some day attain. Until we begin repairing the damage that led to the collapse we will continue to live in our own futures and in our children's futures. Sometimes I just sit back and think "I don't get it". But then I'll snap back to reality and realize that it's not that complicated. If we just didn't buy into the fakes in the beginning, if we just didn't trust the slick talk and promises it would be simple. Fact is Americans did and it's a mess now. Welcome to your future.

George Sinacori  rebuygeorge@yahoo.com

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Anonymous said...

That's politics for ya. I think the American people generally see through the phonies. It takes them awhile sometime, but, they get there. What's dangerous today,that we did not have years ago, is the use of technology to spread the propaganda. It amazes me the amount of lies that is spread by amateurs on blogs and Facebook that people take as fact. - Gerry Carter